Nobody does it better

The era of Saul Goodman is coming to an end, but the man who brought Albuquerque’s funniest, dodgiest lawyer to life is just getting started, writes TOM CHAMBERLIN.
  • fashion director Alison Edmond

  • by Tom Chamberlin

  • photography Kurt Iswarienko

Navy and white striped top and seersucker pale blue/white striped white pants, Brunello Cucinelli; sunglasses, Jacques Marie Mage. Watch and wedding ring, property of Bob Odenkirk.

I kept Bob Odenkirk waiting for our interview. That isn’t to say I was late — more that he was early, disarmingly so. My father raised his sons to believe that being on time is late and five minutes early is on time, so I logged on accordingly. There was Bob, a fellow punctual traveller, ready to jump into questions about his career in film, television shows, writers’ rooms, and stand-up. As fathers, we couldn’t resist discussing our children and the joys of parenting. While we were always going to touch on his current project, Nobody, he seemed excited to mention a side hustle, the publication of a series of children’s poems, in the spirit of Revolting Rhymes, that he wrote when his children were young, with illustrations by his daughter. “Han, I think we’re going to have to go over,” he said, generously, to the publicist on the call.

We did nevertheless tack back to conventional interview waters, and I was eager to — not because of the time limit but because in terms of rounded showbiz accomplishments, few are able to hold a torch to Odenkirk. In the time it took me to research his career, I needed to go back to the start to wrap my head around the web he has spun between genres and skillsets. We are about to see the release of his first lead role in a feature film — Nobody — in which literally no punches are pulled, and I reckon it will prove to be the answer to a question that a lot of us didn’t know we were asking (more on this later).


April 2021


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