Omega Reveals James Bond’s Next Seamaster Diver 300M

The partnership with Omega and the Bond franchise turns 25 next year, and the brand is ready to up the game with a new watch that’s licensed to stun.

I’m staring out at extraordinary surreal landscape of the ancient town of Matera Italy, its unique sinuous winding paths carved out of the side of a canyon. Matera was originally the dwelling of the Sassi troglodytes — the first ever human settlement in what is now Italy, that dug caves into the calcareous rock in the Paleolithic era around 10,000BC. In 251 BC the town, then called Matheola, was founded by the Roman empire. But my eyes are only fleetingly drawn to the dramatic storied surroundings before they are move unfailingly back to my wrist. Because sitting on it is one of the coolest wristwatches I have ever worn. And it is the official Omega Seamaster 300 James Bond special edition that Daniel Craig is wearing in his last ever sortie as the legendary Commander James Bond in the film No Time to Die.

There has been much speculation over who will replace Craig as the iconic 007, with names ranging from Idris Elba to Tom Hardy to Tom Hiddlestone to Richard Madden to even Naomie Harris. But just as much furied speculation has focused on the watch that Bond will be wearing in Craig’s final film.

Well without divulging any details, let me just say that it is fantastic. So fantastic that it would probably have won the 2019 watch of the year had it been released this year. I can also tell you that this is a watch that Daniel Craig has a huge amount of input into, from its material to its colourway to its strap and I can say with absolute certainty Craig has got frickin’ spectacular taste in watches. We know that he is a big vintage collector and also has something of a penchant for Speedmasters. He turned up at a press conference before shooting in Matera wearing his CK2915-1 60th anniversary re-edition which suddenly had forums and blogs blowing up with speculation that he wears a Speedy in the new film. He does not. But the watch he wears and had a hand in designing is insanely cool.


January 2020


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