Omega x Swatch: The MoonSwatch

Arriving in multiple colors and made from the group’s patented bioceramic material, the MoonSwatch collection truly is an ode to the future.
Omega x Swatch: The MoonSwatch
The frenzy for candy last hit our consciousness when watching Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, 1971. It’s not really a confection to share, more something that your accomplice likes to thief. In the world of horology, yes, sharing is common, but not always with two brands that fall under the same ownership umbrella. This week, we were dealt a surprise. Not only did that very thing happen, but two unlikely heavyweights joined forces. If you’re a New York Times reader, maybe you pondered the unthinkable when witnessing the tagline of a full-page ad saying: “It’s time to change your Omega” and “It’s time to change your Swatch”. Surely not many clocked what was to come. But now the secret is out; Omega and Swatch have come together to make MoonSwatch.
On a mission to Earth
Mission to Mars
Mission to Jupiter
A playful take on the iconic Speedmaster, the collection consists of 11 Swatches - all named after planets, with plenty imitating those bright and enticing colours of candy. The material for all of the pieces is bioceramic, which is patented by Swatch. An eco-friendly material, it is apparently a unique mix of two-thirds ceramic and one-third material derived from castor oil. It certainly exemplifies the forward-thinking attitude behind this collaboration. All models have a Velcro strap and feature supernova for the indexes and also for the hands. Several aspects of this watch do honour the Speedmaster. They are the same size as the Moonwatch — 42mm in diameter and 13.25mm thick. The hands are the style we are all familiar with and the hour markers extend into the dial as per the classic Speedmaster. Even the tachymeter insert has a dot over 90.


Mission to Venus
Mission to Uranus
Mission to Saturn
Omega CEO Mr. Raynald Aeschlimann says, “Omega’s long and distinguished history may have been cut short if it weren’t for the vision and the courage taken by Swatch. The MoonSwatch collection salutes the saviours of our industry in a witty and accessible way. The Swatches are perfect for budding Moonwatch fans, and I can’t think of a more appropriate icon for our shared project. We went to the moon, now we’re exploring the whole Milky Way. They’re great watches, in fantastic colours, and they make me smile.” Each colourway of the MoonSwatch is a celebration of the wild universe. Earth is blue and green and like the others has a cover in the form of its planetary body. Saturn contrasts nicely with its sandy tones and brown dial, while Mars is red, which Gregory Kissling notes was the most difficult colour to perfect in bioceramic. It also bears the Alaska Project hands, another nod to past Speedmasters. Pluto is decorated in burgundy – a colour used on the bezel for the 50th anniversary Speedmaster Apollo. Jupiter is bronze/beige with orange hands and Mercury has the two tones dial black and dark black, whilst Neptune maintains a full blue aesthetic, like the planet. Uranus is pale blue, Venus is a pastel pink, whilst the Moon is black. Finally, the Sun takes the feat of being Mr Hayek’s personal favourite, the man behind the whole project.
MoonSwatch goes on sale this Saturday in 110 Swatch boutiques around the world. Each watch retails at £207 – further evidence of this democratisation in horology that is so welcomed by the next generation of watch enthusiasts. Tech Specs Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch Movement: Quartz Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph Case: 42mm; Bioceramic Dial: Various colors Strap: Spacesuit-ready Velcro strap Price: CHF 250 Availability: Selected Swatch stores worldwide from March 26th; limited to two per customer