Paul Stuart: New York's New Dandy

Honoured to be launching Paul Stuart on The Rake, we look into the lauded US brand’s colourful history to appreciate why it simply must be in your wardrobe.

British style, Italian style, and French style. While this holy trinity gets much of the adoration from classic menswear enthusiasts, the United States has an unfair rep for the one-size-fits-all sack-suit popularised since the end of the Second World War. It’s a crying shame (and also wildly untrue) because some readers might otherwise overlook the frankly legendary tailoring house that is Paul Stuart of NYC.Established on Madison Avenue in 1938 (the original space is still there, for all you Don Draper fans), Paul Stuart has been colourfully described as a blend of "Savile Row, Connecticut living and the concrete canyons of New York." Transatlantic translation: classic English-style cuts, underpinned by a preppy New England philosophy, firmly of - and for - the bold citizens of the Big Apple. With Paul Stuart’s debut on The Rake, we look at the brand’s roots and how they remain an image of American quality and integrity in the 21stcentury.

      Auriemma, Paul Stuart New York
    Paul Stuart Creative Director Ralph Auriemma.


    October 2019


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