Purdey: The Unbroken Lineage

Purveying a major archival influence in British Gunsmithing, with 3 royal warrants, Purdey are true innovators in their field, crafting a fine selection of luxury accessories that give stylish comfort to those whose lifestyle is surrounded by country sports.

The term ‘heritage’ is so overused in menswear branding today, it is almost dull (and perhaps a little untrue) – asking the savvier customer to respond with, ‘well, what do you reallymeanwhen you say heritage?’

For British firm Purdey, heritage means two-hundred years of crafting the finest country sport equipment and accessories, a devotion to their original art of gunsmithing, and family. And while the company may have evolved with the times, Purdey remain true to themselves as a vendor of the most covetable and classic masculine accessories (think hunting flasks, decanters, and high-quality leather wallets). In short, they craft the type of goods we imagine Ernest Hemingway or Winston Churchill would have enjoyed; and with such a long list of ‘admirable-admirers’: probably did.


      July 2019


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