Rakes At Home: Richard Biedul & Melissa Jane Tarling

Friends of The Rake, Richard Biedul and Melissa Jane Tarling, picked out their favourite clothes from our online offering to create some incredibly rakish #RakesAtHome looks.
  • by Rikesh Chauhan

  • photography Richard Biedul, Melissa Jane Tarling and Jonathan Pryce

Richard Biedul and Melissa Jane Tarling are a couple that need no introduction, especially if you’re familiar with The Rake, but allow me to do so anyway. If you don’t recognise Richard Biedul by name, you most certainly will by face. A former solicitor who was ‘discovered’ outside of a pub, Richard started his career as a runway model that took Fashion Week by storm, and has since gone on to model for some of menswear’s most famous brands, as well as showcase his creative flair on collaborative projects with the likes of King & Tuckfield and more recently, Joseph Cheaney.

Melissa is an art director and stylist, with an incredible eye for detail and aesthetic. Her work for the likes of ASOS, Reiss, Collusion, King & Tuckfield and many others carved her out as one of the most sought after stylists in the industry - spanning both men and womenswear. In short, she’s likely to be your favourite stylist’s favourite stylist.


    May 2020


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