Serà Fine Silk: Grand Store Opening in Milan

Serà Fine Silk opens their first flagship store in the heart of Brera, Milan.
Serà Fine Silk: Grand Store Opening in Milan
Deeply inspired by Italian culture you will find exquisite references to Italian cities, islands, flowers, the opera and the Mediterranean Sea in Serà Fine Silk creations. Now, Francesca Serafin occupies her own part of Italian real estate to house her celestial silk accessories. And she celebrated the opening of her flagship store in Milan in true Francesca style. Surrounded by dear friends and familiar menswear figures - guests were able to converse and toast with vintage crystal glasses to soundtracks from a live jazz band. Those who know Francesca well said that being part of the event was just like being invited to her home: the blue walls, the golden frames and the cosy atmosphere of an evening among friends. It was also a fitting opportunity to present the new collection of silk pyjamas, ties and scarves. An exciting time for Francesca and her brand, she would be more than happy to welcome you into her impressive new store in the heart of Milan.
Italo Manca and Francesca Serafin
Fabio Attanasio and Francesca Serafin
Drew Laidlaw Hoare, Francesca Serafin and Guests