Lardini: Turning 40 with a Flourish

The lauded Italian tailoring house turns 40 this week and has celebrated the milestone with two limited edition jackets befitting such a momentous occasion.
Beige linen pinstripe double-breasted jacket, Lardini; chocolate brown linen shirt, Ralph Lauren Purple Label; brown and green ancient madder wool tie, Calabrese 1924 at The Rake. Styling by Jo Grzeszczuk, photograph by Baard Lunde.

Turning 40. It has become something of a momentous occasion in a man's life, a pivotal point when one either grabs the proverbial bull by the horns and charges on through life without looking back, or instead cracks one's neck over a shoulder, peering wistfully into the past, lamenting about what could have been. Needless to say, as a Rake reader, you do not reside in the latter camp.

For Lardini, the famed Italian tailoring house, who is this week celebrating its 40th anniversary, it is heading into its fifth decade as it has each of the previous four - with that verve, vim, and vigour that so proudly marks them out as one of Italy's best producers of fine tailoring, a badge of honour marked by a simple iconic woollen flower attached to each of Lardini's jacket lapel buttonholes.This detail was conceived by founder Luigi Lardini, who established the business in 1978 and, along with his family, has grown it into one of Italy’s most famed tailoring houses. Trends come and go, so too "next big things", but Lardini has stood the test of time precisely because it has been able to continually innovate while staying the same. It's a paradox that is not lost on discerning types who cherish the type of craftsmanship that never stands still, but that always has one eye on history and tradition, while one foot firmly planted in the future.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary, the brand has produced two limited edition navy jackets: a classic jacquard and a knitted woven jacquard, both embellished with unique reworkings of the iconic lapel flower. They are fittingly smart yet contemporary renderings of the Lardini silhouette and perfect for the man for whom age is merely a number (and an opportunity for a royal knees-up).


    Ryan Thompson


    September 2018


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