Pocket Guide: Andreas Weinas

Manolo Sweden’s Executive Editor Andreas Weinas is an ambassador for classic style and finding quality in unexpected places.

The Executive Editor ofManoloSweden, Andreas Weinas looks a little like Scandinavia’s answer to Paul Newman; a vogueish Viking with an irresistibly photogenic sense of style. Somewhat poetically, ‘Andreas’ literally means ‘strong and masculine’, but it’s a modern kind of masculinity he represents; well-groomed, beautifully turned out, but emphatically not effete. And surprisingly, if you ask him, a “late developer” when it comes to style.

Latecomer maybe, but his popularity on style blogs and ‘best-dressed’ lists has seen his name appear in everything from Pitti Uomo edits toThe RakeJapan’s ‘Most Rakish Men of the Year’ countdown, and his Instagram account is enough to inspire one to go out and buy an entire wardrobe in browns and blues. “I prefer soft tailoring with classic proportions and clean lines,” he explains. “In general, I prefer Neapolitan and Florentine tailoring; for a casual sports coat, the lightness of Neapolitan tailoring is hard to beat while the masculine silhouette of Florence is wonderful for a darker suit.”

Weinas’ interest and professional experience in menswear has resulted in long-standing relationships with brands like Japan’s Ring Jacket, Sweden’s Shirtonomy and Korea’s B&Tailor - “The Park family have a great sense of style and my polo coat from them is probably the best bespoke piece I own,” he says. A natural intuition and his presence online has allowed him to keep his finger on the ever-quickening pulse of menswear, so we decided to meet him in his homeland during Stockholm Fashion Week to let his clothes do the talking.


September 2017


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