The modern-day Beau Brummell

He has a refined style and an enviable contact book, so where Darius Namdar goes, the London scene follows.
The modern-day Beau Brummell
Darius Namdar is the fast rising star in hospitality, and a snappily dressed one at that. Having left a career in finance, his first prominent role was at The Wolseley in Piccadilly as maître d'. Then, when the most celebrated London celebrity hotspot in a decade opened up - Chiltern Firehouse in Marylebone, where reservations are famously difficult to come by - Darius was the keymaster, and as maitre d'hotel a man you needed to know. Once he'd oiled that particular machine, he is now stationed as Club Director at the refurbished Marks Club, the newest wrinkle in the capital's social scene. Spot the pattern?
The use of lapped seams is unusual, and the fact you don't see them much is the reason he decided it was a good idea. The shoes are cordovan shell loafers from Alden in New York. Fine shoes are vital for a job on one's feet such as his.
A Rolex Daytona on a leather crocodile strap has both aesthetic assiduousness and deep sentimentality, for the previous owner was his late father, whom Darius remembers wearing it.
Darius's diligent use of accessories, including a bangle given to him by his brother that he hasn't removed in 13 years, plays a role in underlining a sense of effortlessness and the relaxed nature of his style.
This elegant vintage Boucheron, which Darius received on his 21st birthday, is a family heirloom, reserved for formal occasions.
A lifelong wearer of bow ties, he now finds himself in a role that approves of such a practice. This time he takes advantage with a deep purple velvet number from Turnbull & Asser.
In the age of texting and instant messaging, keeping a pen as a constant companion is largely a lost tradition, but one Darius admirably continues. Here, the 1940s cigarette case was found in a bazaar and bears the initials of his childhood nickname.
Photography by Luke Carby.