The Rakish Guide to The Top Men's Sartorial Trends in 2024

Not too late for a fresh start in 2024 with The Rake's guide to refining your wardrobe. Offering six key style directives that blend relaxed trends with timeless sophistication, our advice ensures you'll navigate the year's sartorial landscape with confidence and authenticity.

The Rakish Guide to The Top Men's Sartorial Trends in 2024

The new year is an excellent opportunity to evaluate your personal style. Updating and upgrading how you present yourself requires thought and, sometimes, expert advice. The Rake suggests six guidelines to consider and experiment with, and if they genuinely resonate with you, incorporate them for 2024.

Style trends currently favour the more relaxed, less fussy. That’s important to observe, but the advice offered here possesses a timeless quality. Fashion choices shouldn't be solely dictated by trends, but it is a good look to stay current and in touch with the cultural style zeitgeist. You will look and feel better, and people will notice. Above all, authenticity is key, and you should wear what works for you.

Double-Breasted Blazers

Reinterpreted for 2024, double-breasted blazers appear in oversized, open styles from Gucci, caramel hues tightly buttoned at Ralph Lauren, and boxier silhouettes from Giorgio Armani. This variety showcases the DB blazer's adaptability and enduring appeal, offering a sophisticated silhouette that transitions seamlessly from formal to casual contexts.

Utility Vests and Technical Jackets

The versatility and depth of vests are explored through innovative designs by luxury houses like Hermès and Burberry, where vests transition from traditional underlayers to statement pieces. This year, the functionality of utility vests and the adaptability of technical jackets, as seen in the offerings from Udeshi and The Rake, are integrated into the broader narrative of vests, illustrating a trend towards garments that are as practical as they are stylish. These pieces reflect a commitment to catering to the modern man's dynamic lifestyle, where fashion meets functionality head-on.

Double Denim

The resurgence of double denim, championed by brands such as Levi's, Ralph Lauren and Barbanera, challenges conventional style norms by encouraging playful experimentation. This trend celebrates the fabric's versatility and durability, offering a fresh perspective on how denim can be layered and styled. Whether it's a light wash jacket paired with darker jeans or vice versa, double denim invites a creative dialogue with texture and tone, proving that it can be both sophisticated and effortlessly cool with the right approach.

Button-Through Knit Polo Shirts

The knit polo shirt, combining the comfort of a knit sweater with the silhouette of a polo and cutaway collar, has been a staple in the stylish man's wardrobe for years. Drawing inspiration from the enduring vintage aesthetics of the 50s and 60s, knit polos effortlessly blend cool sophistication with timeless appeal. You can start with a solid colour as the texture and collar make a statement independently, then consider variations or piping for added character. 

Wider Trousers and Sleeker Trenches

Transition away from the confines of slim fits to embrace the liberating silhouette of wide trousers, a trend masterfully articulated by designers such as Giorgio Armani, offering a harmonious blend of comfort and sophistication. Complement this relaxed silhouette with the refined trench coat, a piece reimagined by Dunhill, which marries classic craftsmanship with contemporary updates for a revitalized take on traditional outerwear.


The classic loafer is reinvented with rounded toes and chunkier soles, moving away from the ornate look of monk straps towards a more casual yet equally stylish footwear option. This shift highlights loafers' unparalleled versatility, capable of complementing everything from denim to tailored suits, embodying the trend towards blending comfort with elegance.