A Gentleman's London, Episode Four: Kent & Haste

The fourth episode of A Gentleman's London takes us to Savile Row's hidden gem, where Tom Chamberlin's personal tailors, Kent & Haste, uphold bespoke artistry. An intimate look at one of London's last true independent ateliers.

A Gentleman's London, Episode Four:  Kent & Haste

As we embark on the fourth episode of A Gentleman's London, our journey through the great heritage brands and destinations of Mayfair and St James leads us to a true hidden gem nestled on the iconic Savile Row. Kent & Haste, one of the last remaining independent bespoke tailors, has been the choice of the world's most fastidious and demanding dressers for over half a century. With a legacy steeped in extraordinary craftsmanship and impeccable service, this esteemed destination has clothed a remarkable clientele, from Hollywood legends like Cary Grant and Jack Nicholson to British royalty and celebrated artists.

Under the expert guidance of Terry Haste and his able assistant Suyamba Kumaresan, Kent & Haste upholds a tradition of sartorial excellence unmatched in the realm of bespoke tailoring. From the meticulous consultation and measurement process to the impeccable hand-tailoring of garments using the finest fabrics sourced from Scotland and beyond, every visit promises a journey into sartorial excellence. Clients are treated to the utmost attention to detail and an uncommonly relaxed ambiance, ensuring that the bespoke experience is not only one of exceptional quality but also an enjoyable one. In this episode, we go behind the scenes to uncover the secrets of Kent & Haste's enduring success and witness the creation of their superb handmade sartorial treasures, tailored to perfection for the world's most stylish dressers.

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