A Gentleman's London, Episode Two: Dege & Skinner

In 'A Gentleman’s London' second episode, The Rake's Tom Chamberlin guides us through the historic premises of Dege & Skinner, unveiling the bespoke mastery that has defined sartorial excellence on Savile Row for over 150 years.

A Gentleman's London, Episode Two:  Dege & Skinner

Founded in 1865, Dege & Skinner epitomises distinguished British tailoring. Within their Savile Row premises, an atmosphere thick with tradition envelops us — a living museum preserving the art of bespoke cuts for generations. We witness their skilled artisans at work, meticulously selecting fabrics, taking precise measurements, and cutting with surgical precision. Each expertly-placed stitch reflects an unwavering commitment to upholding the highest sartorial standards.

Beyond impeccable classic-cut suits and overcoats, their repertoire extends to leisurewear, equestrian attire like hunting jackets, and unique pieces like opera capes and British military-inspired garments, paying homage to iconic regimental uniforms with precise tailoring, patterns, and authentic details like distinctive braiding and buttons.

Dege & Skinner's tailors design, cut and construct every bespoke garment in-house to exacting standards befitting their storied heritage as one of the world's oldest operating bespoke houses.

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