A Gentleman’s London, Episode Twelve: Purdey

For the twelfth episode, The Rake’s Editor-in-chief Tom Chamberlin visits Purdey to explore their 200-year gunmaking legacy and modern evolution into a British luxury lifestyle brand.

A Gentleman’s London, Episode Twelve: Purdey

For over 200 years, Purdey has epitomised the very essence of British country living and sporting pursuits at the highest level. Founded in 1814 when the 14-year-old James Purdey was apprenticed to a London gunmaker, his natural talents were quickly recognized by Joseph Manton, the era's preeminent "King of Gunmakers." Manton famously remarked that young Purdey's skilled work was near equal to his own. After establishing his own gunsmithing shop off Leicester Square, Purdey rose to prominence crafting exceptionally made firearms lauded for their innovation, like the incorporation of Reverend Forsyth's new waterproof gunlocks. This dedication to uncompromising quality earned Purdey coveted Royal Warrants from Queen Victoria onwards.

While gunmaking remains the iconic core of Purdey's heritage, the brand has thoughtfully evolved into a true British lifestyle brand. Their light-filled Audley House flagship seamlessly blends a stylish retail environment with a private gun room where third and fourth generation artisans like the Lawrence family still diligently handcraft each bespoke shotgun and rifle using tooling methods and finishing techniques like the secret wood "slacum" recipe passed down through generations.

From tech-weave field coats and shooting accessories to modern oxford shirts and fine knitwear spun from gossamer-weight merino wool, Purdey's country casual attire is purposefully designed and exquisitely made in England to outfit sporting enthusiasts from the hunting grounds to the clubhouse in quintessential British style. Join Tom Chamberlin exploring how this storied brand bridges its esteemed gunmaking provenance with a contemporary take on outfitting today's countryside gentleman.

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