A night to remember: The Rake's XV Anniversary

In the heart of Mayfair's renowned  Claridge's, THE RAKE toasted to 15 years of redefining classic elegance. A gathering graced by fashion masters, exquisite art, and timeless style, the evening was a tribute to a legacy of sophistication.

A night to remember: The Rake's XV Anniversary

Picture the grandeur of Claridge's, the art deco masterpiece nestled in the heart of Mayfair, London. A setting where enduring elegance and classic style converge, effortlessly marrying the past with the present, making it the perfect backdrop for a celebration like no other.

The Rake celebrated a remarkable milestone on November 2nd: fifteen years of setting the standard for timeless sophistication, The Rake marked its XV Anniversary with a soirée that resonates with the essence of style, an ode to the art of tailoring.

In attendance were influential guests, masters of the fashion world, and creators who've played pivotal roles in shaping The Rake's journey. Celebrities and tastemakers, with their elegance and flair, paid homage to the brand’s dedication to defining the modern voice of classic elegance.

Claridge's ArtSpace, an oasis of art and luxury at Claridge’s hotel, designed by the renowned British architectural designer John Pawson, was the canvas for one of the evening's masterpieces. An exhibition of contemporary artworks curated by artist Ekow Eshun adorned the space, adding an extra layer of aesthetic delight to the gathering.

"Peace amidst the storm. In Claridge’s spirits could not be dampened but only raised along with classes and good cheer as The Rake celebrated its 15th anniversary — shared Tom Chamberlin, The Rake’s Editor-in-Chief —. Friends, colleagues and collaborators joined us to mark this milestone and also have an opportunity to see contemporaries from the community of bespoke and luxury, socially well-lubricated by amazing cocktails, cigars from Davidoff of London and the return of The Rake’s Hot Dog stand. We are grateful to all those who were able to make it and missed terribly all those who could not. Till next time."

The evening's enchantment wouldn't have been possible without the generous support of The Rake's sponsors. The Botanist, Bruichladdich, Belle de Brillet and Champagne Telmont infused the evening with sophistication and spirit, treating guests to the finest champagne, white Negroni, and a playful riff on classic cocktails. 

The XV Anniversary also marked the release of Issue 90, an issue that encapsulates the best of The Rake’s ambition, with a vision of people and products made to inspire.

So, there it was — a night of glamour, style, and timeless elegance. 

Tom Chamberlin and Sam Heughan.
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Paul Feig and Nick Foulkes.
Tom Chamberlin, Alain Gafundi and Shary Ahmed Rahman.
Sam Heughan and Paul Sculfor.
Major Kidane Cousland MBE.
David Gandy.
Nick Foulkes.
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Tom Chamberlin and Tim Jeffries.
Ari Reid.
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Ethan Newton and Bryceland's team.
O'shea Robertson, Kim Lang and Shaun Gordan.
Issue 90 of The Rake.
Alain Gafundi and Mark Vandelli.
Teo van den Broeke and Tom Chamberlin.
O'shea Robertson.
Allegra Faggionato and Kim Lang.
Brandon Hinton, Alain Gafundi, Mark Vandelli and Dominic Montefiore.
Brandon Hinton and Allegra Faggionato.
Stephen Lachter.
Tom Chamberlin, Nick Foulkes and George Bamford.