Timeless Elegance Tailored in Madrid: B Corner x The Rake

From founder Federico Zanolla's childhood obsession with impeccable, limited-edition garments, a Spanish tailoring house that distils centuries of sartorial tradition into a thoroughly contemporary vision emerged. Explore the B Corner collection on TheRake.com. 

Timeless Elegance Tailored in Madrid: B Corner x The Rake

Federico Zanolla’s sartorial philosophy has always been one of curation over excess — seeking out a few impeccably crafted garments rather than an overstuffed wardrobe of mediocre pieces. A discerning approach that, since his childhood, has been supported and enforced by his mother, who nurtured his eye for sophisticated details and love of enduring style.

"The same pattern has cut my whole life," he explains. "I have always liked refined things… Selected garments, in limited editions and of unparalleled quality." This ethos has only solidified over time. With B Corner, Federico channels this lifelong appreciation for the finest tailoring into a refined yet versatile collection — one that elevates the everyday wardrobe through an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, further enriched by the introduction of an exemplary bespoke tailoring service.

Federico Zanolla, founder of B Corner.

The B Corner lookbook highlights this pursuit of quality, featuring elegant overcoats in sumptuous cashmere blends, versatile suits in rich solids and regalia stripes, and lightweight blazers designed to be effortlessly styled year-round. Every piece is a masterclass in understated luxury, from the chic Spanish teba jacket to the impeccably cut trousers.

While exquisitely constructed with the utmost respect for sartorial tradition, these aren't just academic recreations of heritage style. Zanolla imbues B Corner with a distinctly contemporary spirit: exclusive Italian fabrics, flattering modern silhouettes and subtle sartorial flourishes create an aesthetic that feels equally attuned to the golden ages and today's tastes.

The reasons for such a tightly-curated approach are twofold: to satisfy the detail-obsessed dandies who crave the world's finest garments, but also to provide holistic guidance for the gentleman who may not know precisely what he wants, only that he wishes to dress with polish and intention.

The B Corner collection is available now on The Rake Atelier, with new pieces to be released monthly in suits, blazers, shirts, knitwear and more exemplary expressions of Spanish tailoring mastery.