Capturing legends, creating icons: Iconic Images x The Rake

Explore The Iconic Images collection on Timeless moments meet the gaze of legendary photographers, uncovering the stories behind legendary figures, each frame a narrative captured in light and shadow.

Capturing legends, creating icons: Iconic Images x The Rake

London. A typically foggy morning. A young photographer, camera in hand, stumbled upon the doorway to the Iconic Images Gallery in Piccadilly. As the door creaked open, the fog seemed to swirl into the room, mingling with the dust motes dancing in shafts of light. There, on the walls, the faces and moments that had defined a century: Marilyn Monroe's luminous smile, The Beatles crossing Abbey Road, Churchill's indomitable gaze. It is a moment of revelation, a bridge across time made through the lens of the world's most celebrated photographers. This is the essence of Iconic Images, now making its debut within The Rake’s Atelier, each piece a valuable investment that grows more precious with each passing year.

Owned by the New York-based Authentic Brands Group, Iconic Images stands as a custodian of history, representing a pantheon of photographic legends including Terry O’Neill, Norman Parkinson, Ed Caraeff, Eve Arnold, Ted Williams, and Gered Mankowitz. Each photographer, with their unique eye, has captured the essence of eras, the soul of icons, and the spirit of moments that continue to shape our world.

The archives and exhibitions of Iconic Images are a treasure trove of the 20th century, covering the spectrum of fame, fashion, and pivotal events. Here, candid shots and acclaimed portraits coalesce to tell the stories of figures who've shaped our cultural and political landscapes. From the allure of Audrey Hepburn and the charisma of The Rolling Stones to the leadership of Nelson Mandela and the defiance of Winston Churchill, these collections remind us that behind every iconic image is a story waiting to be told.

Iconic Images also stands at the forefront of cultural collaboration, partnering with luxury fashion brands and the world’s leading publications to bring these historic visuals to new audiences. With galleries in London's most cultured districts, the brand showcases fine art prints and books and curates international touring exhibitions, allowing these perpetual moments to inspire and captivate people across the globe.

The stories behind the images are as compelling as the subjects they portray. Terry O’Neill's captured Brigitte Bardot, battling the elements to seize a moment of unguarded beauty, reflecting the serendipity and skill that define great photography. Gered Mankowitz's portrait of Jimi Hendrix offers a glimpse into the soul of a music legend, at a time when Hendrix was setting London's music scene ablaze with his talent. Norman Parkinson's fashion shoots, infused with elegance and innovation, redefined the portrayal of style in the 20th century, capturing the zeitgeist of each era through his lens. Eve Arnold's intimate shots of Marilyn Monroe, taken away from the public gaze, reveal the vulnerability and strength of the icon, offering a rare insight into Monroe's personal world. O'Neill's photo of Frank Sinatra in Miami, sparked by Ava Gardner's letter, launched a significant professional bond and captured Sinatra's commanding presence in the iconic "Boardwalk" image.

As Iconic Images makes its mark at The Rake, it invites us on an odyssey through time. A journey that invites a deeper connection with the moments and personalities that have etched themselves into the fabric of history. 

These carefully curated editions are crafted in limited quantities, enhancing their uniqueness and intrinsic value, making each piece a distinguished investment that transcends time. Join us in celebrating this legacy, where every image is a window to a story, every story a chapter in the vast narrative of our world.

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