Corduroy: A Timeless Fabric For Enduring Style

Once rumpled elbow-patched territory, corduroy has now slimmed down, offered in a sophisticated moody palette that feels modern yet comfortingly familiar.

Corduroy: A Timeless Fabric For Enduring Style

Once the domain of fusty academics, corduroy has undergone a dapper renaissance and shed its dreary reputation. This textured fabric with row upon row of fine ribbing has stepped out of dusty lecture halls and into the spotlight as a versatile cloth that adds depth and dimension to men’s tailored and casual looks alike.

Born from Aristocracy, Woven for the Working Man

Corduroy’s regal lineage dates back to 18th-century Europe, where it was first fashioned from luxurious cotton and coveted by aristocrats and working men drawn to its soft feel and durability. Those perfectly parallel ridges - called wales in expert fabric parlance - not only provide insulation and withstand repeated wearings but give corduroy its signature tactile quality. Wide wales create thick, rugged cords while narrow rows tailor a more refined corduroy ideal for suits and trousers.

21st Century Corduroy Makes No Odd Fashion Statements

Long relegated to rumpled elbow-patched jackets and wide-wale trousers in garish 70s earth tones, today’s corduroy suits have slimmed down. Offered in a sweep of moody sophisticated colors, corduroy feels fresh and modern while maintaining the fabric’s gutsy texture. Layer a slim cord topcoat over your favorite cashmere sweater on blustery days or don rakish corduroy trousers with a button-down oxford for an ensemble steeped in texture and dimension.

Move Over Denim, Corduroy is the New Cool

As denim dominated the menswear landscape, corduroy patiently waited its turn as a rebel readymade fabric. At once modern yet comfortingly familiar, corduroy brings a bit of welcome texture to men’s closets without losing its inherently laidback vibe. Rakish gents take note: corduroy is guaranteed to add longevity and personality to perk up your repertoire this season.

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