Picks of the week: Summer Wedding Attire

Whether you’re one of the 2,640 members of the public who has been invited to this weekend’s tying of the royal knot or not, The Rake has the perfect garments to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, at whatever type of matrimonious event you’re attending this summer.
Picks of the week: Summer Wedding Attire
With the summer wedding season about to get into full swing, it raises the perennial question of what to wear to someone else’s big day. Oftentimes, opening the invitation is to let out a sigh of relief as the burden of choice evaporates upon seeing the words “Morning Dress” printed onto the unduly heavy card. But for those weddings calling for more interpretive codes of dress, no little amount of careful consideration is required to avoid potential embarrassment. Thankfully, The Rake has attire for every wedding event, from beautifully light linens to pocket squares with panache. Tom Chamberlin, Editor

This selection is a tad hypocritical but bear with me. There is something about weddings, Especially that of the English dragon variety that reminds me of Sports Day at school. Everyone dressed up for someone they care for’s big day, the gaiety of cheering on and subtly getting drunk and hoping not to make a fool of yourself. All of this carried out with suitable sartorial aplomb. Which is how I have arrived at this suggestion. It wouldn’t be right to wear it at a wedding that mandates morning suits, but if it is a Lounge Suits invitation, this is perfectly acceptable. They are separates from New & Lingwood, but the colours work together and will stand out not as an abjuring of the dress code, but a perfectly high quality, dare I say it Rakish ensemble that has enough reverence for the nuptials, but keeps you comfortable and unique. The shoes from Gaziano & Girling is a better bedfellow with the cream trousers than brown.

Ryan Thompson, Digital Editor

Quite why nobody throws divorce parties these days is beyond me, but until I get invited to one I shall continue to duly attend the matrimonious shindigs of my dearest friends. That includes a trip to Ibiza later in the year, which brings with it a number of unique potential hazards, not least sartorial ones. The unholy trinity of heat, alcohol and generic hedonism requires an outfit at once chic, functional and versatile, hence why I've gone for Rubinacci's unlined silk and linen jacket which will keep its cool in the Balearic sun. Likewise Chester Barrie's flat-front trousers, which although constructed from wool, are light enough and white enough to carry me through the day in comfort. The blue tone of the Gaziano & Girling Oxfords riffs on the island's palette while also being eccentric enough to take me onto wherever people go after 12 hours of drinking in the world's party Mecca. Wish me luck.

Jessica Beresford, Managing Editor

Sitting in a crowded church in the heat of summer, while your previously pressed clothes become increasingly wrinkled and damp, is arguably one of the more testing moments in any sartorial journey. I recently went to a wedding where the groom himself eschewed tradition and opted for a suit cut from chocolate brown linen, serving all the guests a lesson in effortless style as well as how to dress appropriately for the weather. Although wool looks polished, wearing something lightweight in this instance is a no-brainer. Look to a clean linen jacket, like this piece by Richard James, and a tidy pair of pleat-front trousers, topped with a boutonniere.

Benedict Browne, Editorial Associate

I’m off to my first ever wedding two weeks tomorrow and there isn’t a superlative to describe my excitement. I don’t own a morning suit, nor do I really want to rent, borrow or steal one, because unless it’s bespoke I’ll just look like every other sweaty, lost penguin on the day. I want to look razor sharp, and equal my said penguins sartorially, as hopefully, I’ll meet my future wife-to-be (wishful thinking). So, Lardini’s navy two-piece with a subtle brown windowpane check will be my official wingman. It’s completely unconstructed and lightweight, which will help me keep dreaded perspiration at bay. Next up is Edward Sexton’s cream tab-collar shirt. The spear pointed collar is a statement, sure, but wearing it with a simple black grenadine tie from Drake’s that’s hand-rolled and unlined will subdue it somewhat. With some black wayfarers and a pair of Marphy loafers on, I’ll be good to go and enjoy the free bar feeling sweat-free and hopelessly single. 

Megan Plenderleith, Copywriter

A summer wedding doesn't just (hopefully) mean a free bar, stocked to the brim with refreshing beverages to toast the happy couple, it also means one can steer away from dark suiting in favour of a more lighthearted, lightly toned and lightweight ensemble. Opting for an unlined jacket should be your first thought when generating potential style options, and the Richard James cream cotton single-breasted blazer is the perfect choice, as the fabric is textured for a more intriguing pile. Pair this piece with some Calm Twist trousers from Ring Jacket, that have been engineered and designed to stretch for comfort yet remain wrinkle-free, great for all the sitting and forced socialising synonymous with weddings. Finish by stuffing a bright and colourful silk pocket square from Calabrese 1924 into your breast pocket.