Wax London’s Tom Holmes on their SS24 fabric-first collection

Exploring WAX London's SS24 Collection, founder Tom Holmes discusses the fabric-first "Come Together" campaign and the influence of London's diversity on their latest designs, highlighting new silhouettes and sustainable practices.

Wax London’s Tom Holmes on their SS24 fabric-first collection

Wax London introduces its Spring/Summer 2024 Collection with the Come Together campaign, a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of craft and creativity that emphasises a fabric-first approach. Rooted in London's diverse culture, the campaign features surreal elements showcasing founder Tom creatively assembling the collection's pieces. 

The range highlights techniques like embroidery, crochet, and Ikat hand dyeing, set against a backdrop of pastel tones with bold reds and blues. New silhouettes such as Ripstop jackets, relaxed trousers, and sustainable suede are introduced, expanding tailoring and casual styles. Signature pieces like the Whiting Overshirt return in new fabrics, while the accessories line grows with items designed to elevate the basics, showcasing the brand's innovative spirit and commitment to craftsmanship.

We chatted with Tom Holmes, one of Wax London's founders, about the insights of their latest collection, its underlying philosophies, and the influence of London's melting pot of cultures on their designs.

Tom, can you delve into how Wax London's commitment to craftsmanship and fabric-first design philosophy sets your collections apart in the contemporary sartorial landscape? Our collections are designed to help people express themselves. We focus on texture, print and colour to create clothes full of character. I think it’s this mix that gives Wax it’s DNA. 

Would you share more about the creative process behind SS24 Collection's Come Together campaign and how it reflects the ethos of Wax? At its core this is a fun way of showing how fabric always come first. We wanted to create something that intrigued the viewer and broke through the sameness of social media. It’s a fine balance but we are pleased with how this campaign has come to life. 

The collection showcases a variety of techniques like embroidery, crochet, and Ikat hand dyeing. Could you explain the importance of these traditional techniques in your collections? We are constantly inspired by the amazing craftspeople we work with, and showcasing some of the techniques they specialise in is a major part of each collection. This season, we wanted to introduce more texture and details through the different aspects of the collection, which is why we employed the varied techniques you mentioned through many of the product categories.

The SS24 Collection introduces new silhouettes and expands into sustainable suede. What inspired these additions, and how do they complement the existing Wax London aesthetic? Ultimately, we are always looking to create clothes that both our customers and we want to wear. The silhouettes we have introduced are timeless shapes with a slight Wax twist — a new take on the familiar and one that can be worn for seasons to come. 

Sustainability is a growing concern among luxury consumers. Could you discuss how Wax incorporates sustainable practices into the production of your collections while ensuring they meet the high-quality standards expected by your clientele? We founded Wax with responsibility at its core. We don’t pretend to be perfect, but we have the mantra of always trying to do the best we can and constantly looking for ways to improve. We have invested in expertise in our team, and in finding production partners that share our values and priorities, in managing our stock tightly and ensuring that we have high levels of visibility/traceability.

Wax places a strong emphasis on family values, British heritage, and a blend of diverse cultural influences. How do these elements shape the community you're building around your brand? How does living and working in London influence the design and aesthetic of your collections? I think London represents the diverse culture you mention. It’s a melting pot of people from across the globe and is a constant source of inspiration. Our bestselling item is named after my grandad and that is a metaphor for the brand we are trying to create. We are a team at Wax, all with very different backgrounds and upbringings. That inclusivity is something we extend into the community we are creating around the brand.

Lastly, could you share your personal style philosophy and how it influences the creative direction of Wax London? What message do you hope to convey through the brand to the modern gentleman? I believe in simplicity and quality. I have always added that item that elevates my outfit. Something that’s different but still looks considered. That is reflected in what we are creating with Wax. Items that are new, unique, and still wearable. We want to make those pieces that are so right you wear them again and again.

The full collection is available from today (February 22nd) at waxlondon.com and in their retail stores: 67 Berwick St, Soho, London, W1f 8SY and 105a Commercial St, Spitalfields, London, E1 6BG