A Brief History of the Rolex Explorer

Ross Povey delves into the incredible history of the Rolex Explorer.

Rolex is arguably one of the biggest and most recognised of all the luxury bands on the planet. The stories behind the brand are as fascinating as they are numerous with Rolex’s involvement in exploration, scientific advancement and the arts. From setting new land speed records, to exploring the deepest marine trenches on earth, Rolex has always engaged with projects in both a philanthropic way and also to test the limits of their timepieces.

Like many classic designs over the past decades, the Rolex Oyster has gently evolved but primarily is true to its roots. Within the Rolex lineup of sports watches there is a watch that has been a constant since 1953, sixty-five years(!), that is showing no signs of going quiet any time soon - the Rolex Explorer.


    Ross Povey


    June 2021


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