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The time has come for the official reintegration of office life. With so much time away and rumours swirling that dress codes have been chalked off, how is one supposed to dress accordingly with confidence? Here at The Rake, we’re here to assure you that the pandemic’s acceleration towards a whole new dimension of workwear wasn’t the death knell for the suit, but merely a trigger to be more creative in how you wear it.
Ivan Boesky taking two calls at once in his New York office, 1977 (Photo by John Marmaras/Woodfin Camp/Woodfin Camp/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

"Sell in May and go away and come back on St. Leger’s Day" is a well-known financial-world adage. If children back in school, the end of Parliament’s summer recess and the Queen returning from Balmoral isn’t the signal for back to business, the moment the winning horse passes the post in Saturday’s St Leger at Doncaster, is the time to officially reimpose your business mindset. Admittedly, this year less people will be commuting to their office desks, but that is no reason for remote workers to disregard the day. By now, in a normal year, folk will more or less have their work wardrobe sewn up. However, one might be at a point of disquiet when inspecting their options. Suits have gathered dust, your trousers no longer fit, and there’s the small matter of no longer syncing with the uncertain dress code in front of colleagues and bosses, that you’ve only met on zoom. Each industry desiderates different types of dress, but whichever part of the formality spectrum your firm falls into, now is the time to assemble suitable outfits.

Even before the devastating virus gripped the world, Wall Street giants Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan announced to staff, that time-honoured banking uniform of suit and tie can take a back seat to business casual. Dress has now become even more democratic as a result of the pandemic, which makes the whole working attire picture increasingly perplexing and opaque. The trick is to not get too wrapped up in the casual bravado. With well thought out tailoring combinations, that comprise a level of versatility there are unstuffy ways to emerge into the working environment.


    Freddie Anderson


    September 2021


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