Caruso: A soft Italian Spirit

Subtly exercising the soft construction with a slight rethinking of codes, Caruso’s autumn winter collection suffers from no loss of originality through its philosophy of playful flair.  

The world of men’s tailoring for a long-time now has been repositioning itself away from the stiff, exclusive and one-dimensional stigma that a section of society accused it of. Dress codes are becoming less polarised which has meant tailoring houses engendering towards an aesthetic that has a continued relevance to the people. This has meant that working attire in one respect has changed over the course of this period, but the basic shape of a suit is determined by history. It is a case of finding ways to alter the proportions of the suit but retaining the customer's quest for extraordinary provenance. It is where many companies have fallen short, by extending this notion so radically that they find themselves not being playful with traditional methods, but in a totally different sphere which is devoid of any originality.

Founded in a small workshop by Neapolitan tailor Raffaele Caruso all the way back in 1958, Caruso is built on a unique spirit and dedication to craft. Raffaele has masterminded a philosophical pathway that offers an open roster of possibilities that subtly yet effectively tweaks staples such as the blazer, trousers or shirt by nothing more than artistically playing with fabrics, details, colours and finishes, thus retaining the originality of tailoring.


    Freddie Anderson


    September 2020


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