Cordone 1956: Championing colour with Hawaiian Shirts

After the year it’s been, we’re predicting a surge in interest of combining Hawaiian shirts with tailoring. With this in mind, there’s no better place to start your Hawaiian shirt crusade than at family shirtmaking dynasty, Cordone 1956.

Shrouded in complexity, due to its murky provenance and its ambiguous relationship with men’s tailoring, the Hawaiian shirt for so long was considered the joker of the pack. Not so anymore - the last few editions of Pitti Uomo has exposed how dynamic the Hawaiian shirt can be with tailoring. This is partly down to a select few shirtmakers who expertly craft the shirt from appropriate fabrics, whilst capturing its authentic spirit. Long-time partners of The Rake, Cordone 1956 are one of the brands who have responded to the demand with a beautiful selection of Hawaiian shirts.

The family business was founded in 1956, and is now run by Luigi Cordone Jr., alongside his sister Virginia. Luigi Cordone Jr. says: “For us, it is a great responsibility to conduct a company with more than 60 years of history - a history made of people and passion for our job. We still produce our products as in the past, our co-workers are people who started this job with my grandfather and that makes our company a great family.”


    Freddie Anderson


    March 2021


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