Schott NYC: Still Rockin'

Although Schott NYC is synonymous with rebellion, being favoured by the likes of Marlon Brando and James Dean, it’s a brand that’s also renowned for its quality – a trait it’s maintained for more than a century.
Swedish vintage aficionado Nathaniel Asseraf in Schott's B-3 flight jacket in Paris. Photography by Milad Abedi.

It’s safe to say that no brand is more synonymous with rock ’n’ roll, counter-culture, renegade notoriety and testosterone-soaked masculinity than Schott NYC. In fact, I don’t think many could contest with calling it America’s greatest outerwear brand. The manufacturing process still takes place in the U.S.A and the brand has become globally known for producing iconic outerwear garments, which Jason Schott, chief operating officer and fifth-generation family member, says “have become ingrained in our cultural lexicon and therefore never seem to go out of style.” As such, it was a no-brainer to onboard a few styles from its core range on

Founded in 1913 in the Lower East Side of New York by brothers Irving and Jack Schott, the family-owned outerwear specialist is best known for its motorcycle jackets — they invented the first leather jacket exclusively for motorcycling in 1928, after all — however, it was originally a manufacturer of fur-lined raincoats. In a tiny basement with aspirations of their own American Dream, they sold their wares from door to door and the business quickly grew.

The aftermath of World War One was a particularly poignant time for the company, as the brothers turned to producing leather and sheep-lined clothing, which was in high demand due to a rise in sporting and recreational fields. In the 1930s, motorsports became popular, so Schott started to produce more garments that performed in that arena. At the same time, and throughout World War Two and beyond, due to its quality make, the family-business was commissioned by the U.S. Army to produce garments for both the military, navy and airforce.


October 2018


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