Dalcuore For The Rake: A Neapolitan symphony of Eveningwear

The Rake is extremely honoured to partner with Dalcuore, the iconic Neapolitan tailoring house. An exhibition of sharp, artistic and sophisticated eveningwear rendered in cloth produced by Dormeuil, it is a truly unique and emotional collection.

Earlier this year, in all corners of the sartorial universe (yes, Luigi Dalcuore was a cosmic figure) time stopped for a moment to lament his passing. Otherwise known as “Maestro”, a well-earned title reflecting his demanding sophistication and self-assured mastery, the gifted and charismatic Luigi Dalcuore retains an immortal presence, not only within the confines of Neapolitan tailoring, but internationally.

By being a journeyman apprentice in his younger years he took a road less travelled. In mid-century Italy it was typical for budding tailors to be educated in early boyhood from a single master artisan. Luigi lived amongst textiles and needles since childhood, his aunt was a dressmaker, but at 16 (relatively late for a fledgling craftsman) wanderlust struck and he travelled around Europe, notably Germany to absorb the different clothes-making disciplines.

Returning to Naples, he managed to convince Del Duca, the most revered tailors’ shop in the city at the time to work gratis in exchange for teaching him the sartorial arts. Luigi credits this remarkable establishment as laying the foundation for his trademark principles; simplicity, ease, relevance, curiosity and the perpetual research of techniques and materials.

    Video by Marcus Ebanks


    Freddie Anderson


    November 2021


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