Five Coat styles you need right now

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, these are the five coat styles that are non-negotiable.
Five Coat styles you need right now
As I write this, London is under siege from a deluge of Biblical proportions. Old cities never fare too well when the heaven's open but London seems to fall to its knees. The current weather is particularly treacherous - one minute bright blue skies, the next minute shin-deep puddles. Dressing for such inclement bi-polarism is a conundrum wrapped in a pain in the arse, particularly if, like me, you are a perennial umbrella forgetter. And so one needs to rely upon the magic that is weatherproof fabrics and impermeable wool in classic silhouettes that were originally designed to take a military beating. If one or more of these coat styles aren't in your wardrobe, don't come crying to us next time you get a drenching.


The Bomber Jacket

The Pea Coat

The Parka

The Field Coat

The Trench Coat