The internet sartorialist George Hahn cut Fox News down to size, and then went home to read The Rake. That’s the kind of style we can all get behind…
A navy blue suit is George’s uniform. “I like to wear blue the way Tom Ford wears black,” he says. This particular suit is a three-roll-two from Suit Supply. The trousers have had the belt loops removed, as he prefers side adjusters. His shirt is from Proper Cloth. The shoes are Alden Balmoral brogues made from cordovan leather. “Always in cordovan,” he says. “It is a bitch to break in but, man, I love it: it is durable and the care is minimal.” The tie is a grenadine from Kiton and the pocket-square by the husband-and-wife brand General Knot. George’s approach is meticulous but not in the pursuit of perfection. “Perfection is characterless,” he says, “so there will always be a flaw, like an off-centred dimple in the tie.

For me, George Hahn is an unexpected delight in a topsy-turvy, unbalanced world that needs perspective, humour and great coffee. This raconteur du jour on the Instagram scene shot to prominence when he posted a video he calls the “78 seconds that changed my life”. It was a satirical take on Fox News’ insistence that, in the wake of George Floyd’s killing, the metropolitan heartlands of America resembled war zones. In the video Hahn repeated these lines but added that it was a “hellscape” because the streets were lined with people “getting ice cream” and “having dinner”. Then an editor in New York emailed me a link to a New York Times profile of a man pictured in his apartment with a copy of The Rake on show. Same guy! George is an unabashed sartorialist who, he says, “opened The Rake and said, ‘Oh, I’m home’.”

He is invariably immaculately dressed in his videos, and has for years been posting on YouTube with tips for dressing. As such, he is a man after our own hearts, and a perfect subject for this column.


    October 2021


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