Introducing the Bell & Ross Bellytanker Chronographs #NegroniTime for The Rake and #SpritzoClock for Revolution

Bell & Ross’ timepieces inspired by our favourite aperitifs are the perfect harbingers of a return to more convivial times.

What I think we missed most in 2020 was the human contact. Spending time with friends, enjoying their physical presence, their warmth of spirit, their conviviality,” says Carlos Rosillo, co-founder of Bell & Ross. “For me, 2021 will be a year to remake these bonds, to luxuriate in the company of my fellow men with a full understanding and deep appreciation of their company. These watches created for Revolution and The Rake are meant to be a celebration of this new year of optimism and hope; one filled with friendship, compassion and companionship.”

He continues, “If you look at the name Bell & Ross, the central motif is the ampersand. This is derived from the ligature for the Latin word et, which expresses a partnership between equals. It means that together, we are stronger. And it was very much in this spirit that these two vibrant-coloured Bellytanker Chronograph watches were created.


    May 2021


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