Jupe by Jackie: A Stitch in Time

Blending age-old Indian craftsmanship with a 21st-century aesthetic, this Holland-based brand possesses precisely the values we appreciate.  

Specialising in hand-embroidered garments, accessories and homewares, Jupe by Jackie was founded in 2010 by Dutch designer Jackie Villevoye. Launching the label at the age of 54, Jackie had fallen in love with the traditional embroidery of Uttar Pradesh in northern India, bordering Nepal, and sought to provide a wider platform for the craftsmen of this region, helping them gain the global renown they deserve.

While the common perception of embroidery is that it is a feminine pursuit, Jackie is quick to point out that in Uttar Pradesh, “The embroidery is done by men, and as they tell me, this craft is in their blood. The knowledge of making passes down from generation to generation, through the centuries. And if you see these craftsmen working now in 2019, it is all about cool guys, being happy together to join the group and brining a great sense of design and colour combinations.”

    Coupled with Jackie’s unique design sensibilities and use of top-quality materials from Italy and Japan, this fresh approach to classic embroidery has brought international attention to the brand and spurred collaborations with the likes of Comme des Garçons. Now, Jackie says she is pleased to partner with The Rake Values because, making garments and accessories that are quite classic and timeless in style, featuring age-old craftsmanship, she finds the cyclical nature of fashion frustrating. She was happy to encounter an e-commerce outlet that helps expose her product to a new consumer. “The young generation wants sharp pricing. Let’s serve them,” she says.

      Attracted by the prospect of finding a new audience appreciative of classic Indian embroidery, rendered in a contemporary manner, Jackie says what first piqued her interest in the craftsmen of Uttar Pradesh was the fact that, “Making a fabric by hand is way more interesting than working with a printed or plain colour fabric.” She says, “I wish all my clients or potential clients could have the opportunity to look just 15 minutes behind the scenes over there. I know for sure that their respect would raise enormously! The work is very intricate, time consuming and done with a lot of patience and passion.”

        Jackie believes that the goods her brand produces are intrinsically ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly. “Embroidery by hand is an ancient craft,” she maintains. “What we strive is to create is the counterpoint or antithesis to mass-produced fabrics.” Committed to a non-seasonal design approach where each garment or accessory holds perennial appeal, Jupe by Jackie not only delivers exceptional craftsmanship and individuality, but enduring wearability and value for money. It’s a perfect fit for The Rake Values.




        May 2019


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