Los Angeles has a new player in luxury hospitality — and not before time. The Rake savours the style and charm of Maybourne Hotel Group’s first North American property…
The Maybourne Beverly Hills. (Photo by Danielle Hamilton)

If I’m being honest — as you always should be in matters as serious as relaxation — there aren’t as many options for the luxurious shelter seeker in Los Angeles as you might think. There are lots of hotels, sure (an almost insane amount, actually, until you remember that L.A. is more like several cities in one). But places where you want to stay? Beds you want to lie in? Amenities you want to use? Neighbourhoods in which you want to stroll — and that won’t keep you caught in traffic when you’re trying to get where you need to go? In reality there’s only a few. And of those happy few, let’s be clear, many have seen better days, days they’ll happily tell you about while charging you an eye-watering sum for a room whose interiors haven’t been updated in 20 years. I say this with love, by the way. Hollywood is a town built on legends: a good story is half the battle. The Maybourne —Beverly Hills’ newest arrival on the luxury hotel scene — does not have any local legends to point to. But when The Rake asked me to pay a visit, I was more than happy to discover that what it lacks in Gilded Age stardust it more than makes up for in taste, comfort and convenience.


May 2022


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