MP Massimo Piombo: Elegance in imperfection

As Tom Stubbs Financial Times says: “Massimo Piombo Collections are the work of the exuberant Marco Polo of fabric connoisseurs, deployed like a Blue Note Jazz artist dressing a super dapper Italian aristocrat. Unique stuff, I rather like them.”

There appears to be no median with Massimo Piombo. It is why he’s the source of fixation by fashion editors yet deemed an esoteric character by those who are not as creatively receptive. Promoting an alternative vision of luxury; one that finds elegance in imperfection, you can’t help but think he isn't plagued by the zealots of spartan tastes who have been slow to endorse his eccentricities.

Massimo Piombo has in fact been a seminal figure in the industry since the 1980s. Through his eponymous clothing label, Piombo, and latterly through MP Massimo Piombo, he’s curated a timeless-yet-unique clothing dimension that is ordained to enhance personality, style and individuality. It stems from Massimo’s own curiosities. He looks at style through a different lens; one that is deeply emotional and one that is absolutely connected to the world of art. The way he focuses and defines beauty is perhaps more intense than his contemporaries. When others look more locally for inspiration, Massimo can be found in far-flung territories extracting his own interpretations of beauty. But on his return you see the foundation of adept Italian tailoring throbbing with details from multifarious cultures.


    Freddie Anderson


    September 2021


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