La Martina | The Argentine Legacy

The heritage polo brand takes on worldwide domination.

When one thinks of Argentines, a mirage comes to mind of long-locked, gorgeous specimens of the human race, galloping effortlessly in the searing heat across the untamed Pampas of Argentina. However, what is so unique about Argentina is the way in which it has encapsulated these raw and rugged ways of Gaucho life on the Estancias, with the sophistication of the nation’s distinguished European roots. It is with La Martina, Argentina’s most highly acclaimed exported brand, that we see this harmony encompassed on an international scale.

La Martina’s focus on polo does not lie in its evolution as a fashion brand linking itself naturally to the sport, due to the two entities’ shared Argentine heritage: Lando Simonetti, founder of La Martina, began his career in 1982 by producing products solely for the polo field along with shirts for his own team. Only in 1985 was La Martina founded as “The Authentic Polo Brand”, arriving to Harrods in 1992. The brand’s growth since has been exponential, it is one of the very few examples of Argentine companies that has expanded to a global audience. From the beginning it has ensured that it’s primary focus be its production of leading equipment for horse and rider, however in recent years its visions have ventured further afield into the sphere of sophisticated fashion wear at home equally on the side of the polo field as to the streets of Mayfair, along with curating a collection of some of the most prestigious events in the world.


May 2016


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