Sacco jackets are crafted in Naples, designed to combat tropical heat, and available now in Europe, via THE RAKE. In fact, these effortless, ultra-light jackets might be the most relevant garment around this spring, so we thought it apt to offer special introductory pricing for this exciting launch.

Alexander Hascher’s mission has taken him on an epic transcontinental journey and resulted in the creation of one of the most innovative garments in men’s classic style: the lightest jacket the world has ever known. “My family is German but I grew up in Singapore,” the founder of Sacco tells The Rake. “From an early age I loved tailoring, and in particular jackets. I adored the style of men like Porfirio Rubirosa and Gianni Agnelli, who looked so immaculate in their Caraceni jackets, even at the height of summer in the south of France. As a teenager I would go out in the evening with a blazer or sports coat, which was not compatible with the tropical milieu of my home city. But for me a jacket is about manners — respecting myself but also respecting others.

“I always had certain items in my jacket pockets… a sterling silver cigarette case and my grandfather’s Dupont lighter, to offer a beautiful woman a restorative smoke.” Hascher laughs and adds: “At the end of the night I would be soaked through, but I was so determined to remain elegant that I always kept my jacket on. I started thinking to myself there must be a way to make a lighter jacket. Something that breathed, dispensed with all the superfluous lining, and just kept the outer shell of the coat. The idea of the Sacco jacket was inspired by my desire to reconcile classic style with the need for comfort in the warmest, most extreme climate.”


March 2021


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