OMEGA: MY CHOICE - Alessandro Squarzi

Milan-based fashion entrepreneur and street style regular Alessandro Squarzi reveals his affinity with luxury watchmaker Omega, which dates back to his childhood…

Alessandro Squarzi’s fashion credentials were not obtained by accident. A prolific Milanese fashion entrepreneur and recognised as having one of the finest collections of vintage clothes, cars and motorcycles, in the whole of Italy, he is considered a sartorial icon. Enamoured by a host of accomplished street photographers for a timeless take on classic styling, he’s the ultimate fan of Omega watches.

What is your earliest memory of Omega?

My very first memory of Omega is the moon landing itself: I was born in 1965, so in 1969, when I was four years old, I saw the lunar landing on TV.

How many do you have in your collection?

I own more or less fifteen Omegas: all of them are very special items.

What do you love most about the Speedmaster?

Well, the Speedmaster has a great story behind it, and I do love whatever has a story to be told!

If you could ask Buzz Aldrin one thing, what would it be?

Could you leave me your Omega in inheritance?


May 2019


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