Our Edit Of The Best Of Sale

We’ve curated our favourite pieces from the sale to upgrade your wardrobe instantly.

Back in June, when we last endorsed the pearls of The Rake’s sale, it looked like holidays were soon to become a reality again. Beaches, bars and restaurants were all preparing for an influx of visitors - albeit in less corners of the globe. Excitement was brewing and suddenly there was reason to regale in the freedom of clothing yourself in attire that wasn’t just for the home. Although, now in lockdown number two, it seems there is an ending. As we hear of the imminent arrival of a vaccine, it is time to reset, which means a winter wardrobe overhaul in anticipation of the brighter times ahead. In an interval of life when some pockets have been hit harder than others, we’re delighted to vitalize your sartorial senses with excellent value propositions on brands who put quality, craftsmanship, authenticity and provenance of materials very high up on their list of priorities. For decades many of these brands have been existing on word-of-mouth recommendations and so with this in mind, we take pleasure in being the platform where you first discover these artisanal brands at such great value. With hundreds of items to choose from in The Rake’s sale, we have done some of the heavy lifting for you by handpicking some of the standout pieces:


    November 2020


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