A New Era for The Last Drop Distillers

The Last Drop Distillers specialises in sourcing and selling the world’s finest, rarest and most exclusive spirits. As the company celebrates its ten year anniversary, change is well underway…
The Last Drop Distillers is the world's most exclusive spirits company, with a focus on the rarest and highest quality spirits.

For Rebecca Jago and Beanie Espey of The Last Drop Distillers, a passion for fine spirits runs in the blood. Their fathersTom Jago and James Espey OBE are bona fide spirits pioneers, having created some of the world’s most well-known spirits, including Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Chival Regal 18-Year Old and the ever-iconic Baileys Irish Cream, to name a few. “We knew that our fathers worked in a beautiful building and did something quite mysterious, but I suppose it wasn’t until later that we developed a full appreciation of what that was,” says Rebecca. “Even now, I never fail to feel a small thrill of pride and excitement when I say 'my father invented Bailey's Irish Cream’.”

Ten years since the launch of The Last Drop Distillers brand,Rebecca and Beanie are now taking the helm, having recently been made joint Managing Directors of the company. After decades of learning from the best, they will be continuing their fathers’ tradition, selecting and bottling only the finest spirits for their valued clientele. When it comes to choosing what makes the cut, the two must always be in total agreement.“Our customers are friends, and we would only sell them spirits that we genuinely believe are the best they can possibly be, so it has to be unanimously agreed that they are,” says Rebecca. It’s required that each spirit meet four criteria:old, rare, fresh and delicious. But ultimately, determining worthiness comes down to practice.“We have tried many spirits over the years but only 13 have made the cut so far,” she says. “With the experience of our fathers and the knowledge they have passed down to us we have become fairly good at identifying the best of the best – when we know we know.”


Aobh O'Brien-Moody


October 2018


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