Ralph Lauren: Barefoot Society

In light of the recent launch of the Ralph Lauren for The Rake ‘Bearfoot Negroni Bear’ watch, and our new store in the Maldives, we take a look back at the most stylish and charismatic members of the ‘barefoot society’.
J.F.K. and his then fiancée, Jacqueline Bouvier, playing football at his house in Hyannis Port, 1953 (Photo by Hy Peskin/Getty Images)

As soon as he came into the world in 1991, his innate passion to inspire, encourage and bring comfort, stretched and reached people in unimaginable places. He’d only been dressed in his first outfit, before he was sold out in a single weekend at the Madison Avenue flagship store. But he is no ordinary character – he doesn’t like to appear in a single guise and be gone, he senses before anyone else what the people in this world are yearning for – and because he was brought onto this earth as a source and symbol of optimism – he likes to reappear in a new mask that alleviates worry for individuals, whilst representing a positive outlook on the cerebration processes – some of which we all share during a global phenomenon. It is precisely why, in anticipation of these collective aspirations, that he will spend the rest of his 30th year in the Maldives. When asked what he thought his signature style in the Maldives should be, he replied: I should like to wear my white double-breasted peaked-lapel dinner jacket with blue braided evening trousers.” He paused and added, “But I should like to feel the sand beneath my feet – or more accurately, my paws.” We speak of course of the Ralph Lauren Polo Bear, whose decision to holiday barefoot is a multifaceted symbol of liberation, that not only applies to the future, but has been the gentle source of romance, happiness, authenticity and freedom for many people in the past. And this very much includes Mr. Ralph Lauren himself, who represents a life unshackled – at each of his residences, but perhaps more pertinently at his home in Round Hill, Jamaica, where he regularly wears his white dinner jacket or cream suit, but with his bare feet.


    Freddie Anderson


    April 2021


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