RFORPEOPLE: Sustainably Stylish

The Rake is honoured to welcome into its e-commerce fold, RforPeople, an eco-friendly yet luxurious Italian brand, whose collection is exclusive to us.

The fashion industry is an atmosphere under intense sustainable scrutiny. Responsible for producing 10% of all human carbon emissions blended in with the stat that 50% of fast fashion clothes get discarded within one year of purchase, it is easy to fathom why. Some firms have fallen under the spell of considering their sustainability attempts to be revolutionary, diverting the focus from the honest reason. RforPeople, founded by Tommaso Melani, owner of tailoring house Sartoria Vestrucci and bespoke shoemaker Stefano Bemer has been established simply because it is right to act.

RforPeople is guided by two key principles; the well-being of our people and the preservation of our planet. As a result, a myriad of eco-friendly steps have been put in place to ensure that each garment adheres to the sincere benefits of longevity. Thoughtfully crafted by talented artisans in Tuscany, the Bryant Park men’s overcoat is an exemplar of honouring the authentic standards of sustainability. Not only is it made with recycled wool and organic biodegradable corozo buttons, but to reduce overstock and limit waste, this coat is only made in limited quantities, hence why the brand are proud to state that delivery could take three weeks as it specially made for you. In addition to this, all RforPeople products are born with a free “return to the maker” shipping label, so that they can repair, refurbish or disassemble each product and recycle the components according to their sustainable and circular paradigm. Cut for a slightly looser fit, this coat endorses the feel-good factor of tailoring with its relaxed nature.


    Freddie Anderson


    November 2021


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