ROLE MODELS: Oriol Elcacho and Davinia Pelegri

The husband and wife pairing of Oriol Elcacho and Davinia Pelegri talk to THE RAKE about their new venture: passing on years of hard-won experience to the next generation of leading talent.

This is something of a landmark for The Rake — actually, it could be an avant-garde moment for modern magazine-ing. The image opposite, ladies and gents, is the first image shot for The Rake by the subjects in the image, on a timer. Yes, i-D magazine made a front cover using Zoom, but at the very least the model knew what she was looking at.

The husband and wife modelling duo of Oriol Elcacho and Davinia Pelegri are pros, of course; in fact, it is a bit like Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf playing doubles together. But why this format? Well, like the rest of us, Oriol and Davinia (who are expecting a baby soon) have been in isolation, secluded in a Spanish hamlet of 70 people in the way back of beyond.

Regular readers of The Rake will know Oriol from his appearances in the magazine as well as his work as the face of Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Davinia is a fashion model who has starred in myriad fashion shoots and campaigns from the biggest titles and brands in the world. What has cast them in the Rake-in-Progress pages is not, obviously, their achievements to date but their transition to a new challenge, which is to guide the next generation of models through their baptism in the industry. In an era in which naivety in media is to some what a limping gazelle is to a lion, wise counsel from experienced role models like Oriol and Davinia is increasingly valuable.


July 2020


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