Spring Trousers: Get a leg up on the horse

Spring has sprung, which means jettisoning your heavy pantaloons in favour of lighter fabrics in brighter tones. You can’t always predict the weather this season, so you might as well be bold and adventurous after a year spent largely indoors.
David Niven on the French Riviera, circa 1960s.

Spring on the surface is the season of purity, freshness, and where new life dovetails with the rejuvenation of existing life. Walking up the drive through the park of the magnificent Powys Castle, Wales, at first light, there was a smattering of frost. By the time of the descent, the sun had fully emerged, melting away the blobs of frozen water on the grass. Now, not every spring morning is as glorious as seeing the crests of the castle’s world-famous Italianate gardens turning from a bleak white to a lush green so quickly. In that moment the excitement of dressing for spring; especially after the winter we’ve had is enormous, but around the corner are the unpredictable elements, such as the abrupt April showers.

Faced with the onset of lockdown last year, the weather happened to be marvellous. It doesn’t always turn out this way, but in spring you should go in with a positive mindset of ditching your tweeds, corduroy and flannel trousers in favour of mid-weight wools, cottons and dare I say it classic-cut linen pants. Keep a lightweight raincoat from Sealup on standby to protect the rest of your outfit from any storms.


    Freddie Anderson


    March 2021


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