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Picks of the Week: Best of Beige

Are you and your wardrobe stuck in a rut? Our team at The Rake has picked their top three items in beige, camel and tan to help you branch out.

Whatever your favoured neutral shade  – whether beige, tan, ecru, or cream – these light, earthy tones are informed and versatile. From stone suede sneakers to camel wool coats, they pair well with Italian tailoring, luxury sportswear and fine knits, all of which can be layered effortlessly. It's all too easy to succumb to wintry blues and greys at this time of year, so take the opportunity to branch out and lighten up (just don't blame us for your dry-cleaning bill).

Tom Chamberlin, Editor

Only a dullard would see earthy, neutral tones like beige and tan and dismiss them as uninventive or boring. In fact, creative use of these colours take much more stylistic nous than peacocking tones. This ensemble, including cashmere from Piacenza and footwear from Carmina, takes the earthier palette and puts them to good use.

Charlie Thomas, Deputy Editor

Tonal ensembles often consist of blue or grey shades, but browns are equally effective and make sense as the weather begins to heats up. This brown check cashmere Rubinacci jacket is a great starting point and will pair well with lighter beige trousers – pleated Salvatore Piccolo ones, to be exact. Finish off with a tan canvas tote bag by Blackhorse Lane – hand-made in London and built to last a lifetime.

Anna Prendergast, Online Editorial Associate

A sharp silhouette contrasts with soft virgin wool in Enlist's ultra-versatile spring/summer interpretation of the classic camel coat. The satisfying structure and neutral tone makes it appropriate business attire and will earn you envious side-eye from colleagues, but dressed down with CQ.P's stripped-back sneakers and an athletic cashmere hoodie, it can look considerably more 'street' than 'meeting'.

Benedict Browne, Online Editorial Associate

Earthy tones are very much in at the moment and one of the great benefits of dressing in them is that it’s wonderfully straight forward. Always start with a hero piece, in this case a chalk-stripe, three-roll-two suit from Orazio Luciano in Vitale Barberis Canonico flannel. In my opinion, during the colder months a roll neck is always a winning addition to a suit and Enlist’s light brown expression is cut from a super fine Merino wool. Finally, and contrary to populist sartorial thought, I'd match the tone of the roll neck to your pocket square.

Megan Plenderleith, Copywriter

A relaxed alternative to a commanding military ensemble couldn’t be better represented than through Simeone's nubuck leather jacket. Transeasonal dressing is championed by statement pieces  and in this neutral shade, is extremely easy to style. Layer a complementary Anderson & Sheppard dark green Merino crew-neck underneath and finish with a pair of Rubinacci charcoal grey pleated wool trousers for a cool, classic approach.

Natasha Drax, Online Editorial Assistant

It’s easy to play it safe with your wardrobe in the depths of winter, opting for suits and overcoats in varying hues of grey, navy and black. Camel, however, is a timeless and elegant colour which can sometimes go undervalued during these dismal months. Take this overcoat by tailoring house Lardini, which is a fine example of expert Italian craftsmanship. The double-breasted closure is mature and sophisticated, a half belt adds definition to the silhouette, and the house’s signature flower lapel pin adds a charming detail. A smart pair of navy trousers and dark brown monk strap shoes mean business, even when this February's big freeze makes everyone want to shut up shop.













Anna Prendergast

Anna is a freelance writer and former staffer at The Rake. She is passionate about travel, well made clothes and homemade chocolate chip cookies.