Bell & Ross have been around for only 30 years, but with the BR 05, they have cornered the market in urban-chic luxury watches. Bruno Belamich, the brand’s designer, tells us how they did it.
The urban explorer BR 05 Chrono White Hawk.

When you suffer, as I do, with an addiction of the horological kind, you attempt, in the quieter moments, to trace its origin. For me, it was a stonkingly warm summer evening in Nice; I was in my early twenties, and I was fortunate enough to be roaming the wonderful promenade. Such was the strength of the sun, I had to take solace inside the iconic menswear store Albert Arts (founded by Jean Goldberg of Façonnable). While the store was wonderful (heavily inspired by everything British), the manager, a suave, charming Frenchman in ecru shorts and a denim shirt, was rocking an oversized, black, square watch. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was like nothing I had seen before. I asked him about it, and he mentioned it was a Bell & Ross, who were French watchmakers inspired by aviation. Needless to say, I hunted down a local retailer and grabbed a bunch of catalogues and spent the remainder of the holiday engrossed.


    Justin Hast


    March 2022


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