The Rake Sale: Capture the remaining pearls

It is not always a rite of passage to discover the hidden gems in a sale, but here we hand-pick the best of the rest which isn’t always detectable at first glance.

Not so long-ago enthusiastic punters attending Royal Ascot in top hats would be frantically scouring the rows of bookmakers in front of the Grandstand in search of odds that ream value on their blackboards. These days the bookmakers have electronic screens with updated odds, giving their elbows some respite after years of writing and scrubbing away fractions. For the first time in the meetings history it will take place behind closed doors, with many gamblers seeking value online. Despite the prestigious horse race meeting this week, here at The Rake, we currently display excellent value propositions in our sale. It warms our collective hearts when we discover new brands or even old ones for that matter, who put quality, craftsmanship, authenticity and provenance of materials high up on their list of priorities. We also take great pleasure in seeing our customers acknowledge that the brands we present to you have existed on word-of-mouth recommendations for decades, which is partly why they often feel like a best-kept secret when you first discover them at such great value.

As the sale enters the second half, it usually means sizes are hard to find. Even at this stage there’s plenty of high-quality items left to peruse through. Here we give you a selection of the best summer pieces available at undeniable value.


    Hugo Curran


    June 2020


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