Understated Elegance: The Anthology

The Anthology’s motto is ‘to unlearn and learn from classic aesthetics.’ It is an ongoing commitment to bring a modern twist to old-world tailoring’, and something they have been quietly achieving since their inception. We are delighted to welcome them into our e-commerce fold.

The Anthology have been quietly going about their business, specialising in bespoke tailoring and leisurewear with a focus on modernity and originality. Akin to wearable art, there’s something quite poetic in the way they create their garments, and in turn, build on their reputation as a steadfast and high-quality brand. In order to really get an understanding of everything the house represents, you need only meet the founders, Andy Chong and Buzz Tang. Elegant in style and considered in manner, they carry themselves with a graceful elan and the brand aptly follows suit. There’s no need reading a 1000-word press release to know about The Anthology — you simply have to look at the clothes they’re wearing.


July 2021


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