A Gentleman’s London, Episode Eight: D.R. Harris & Co.

Established in 1790, D.R. Harris & Co. has preserved the art of English grooming traditions, offering exceptional quality shaving, skincare and fragrance products from the heart of London's prestigious St. James's gentleman's quarter.

A Gentleman’s London, Episode Eight: D.R. Harris & Co.

For over two centuries, the name D.R. Harris & Co. has been synonymous with grooming traditions and exceptional quality in the heart of London's gentlemen's quarter. Originally founded in 1790 at No. 11 St. James's Street as Harris's Apothecary, this family-run chemist quickly gained renown for its exquisite lavender waters, classic colognes and English flower perfumes.

On this episode of A Gentleman's London, Editor-in-chief and sartorial expert Tom Chamberlin escorts us through the distinguished doors of D.R. Harris's current home at 29 St. James's Street. We'll step back in time amid the original 19th century furniture and fittings where proprietors like Henry Harris the surgeon and Daniel Rotely the pharmaceutical chemist once formulated their renowned concoctions.

From serving the aristocracy of St. James's clubland to holding the prestigious royal warrant as chemist to Her Majesty The Queen and currently the Prince of Wales, D.R. Harris has outfitted generations of good taste arbiters. Today, their exceptional range of shaving products, colognes, skincare and more continues to captivate those who appreciate traditional English quality and distinction. It's a living glimpse into a more refined age of grooming.

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