A Gentleman’s London, Episode Six: Huntsman

From royal equestrian outfits to iconic tweeds and their role in cinema’s golden age, join Editor-in-Chief Tom Chamberlin at No. 11 Savile Row to uncover Huntsman's heritage.

A Gentleman’s London, Episode Six: Huntsman

In the heart of London's legendary Savile Row sits Huntsman, a tailoring institution that has been crafting exquisite attire for the world's elite since its inception in 1809. Today we delve behind the scenes at the iconic No. 11, a sartorial haven that has outfitted everyone from royalty and Hollywood legends to business titans over its storied history.

Guided by Tom Chamberlin, we'll explore Huntsman's origins as an equestrian outfitter, originally founded as a "gaiter and breeches maker" before Henry Huntsman purchased it in 1849. This episode also highlights the iconic Huntsman tweed — renowned for its distinctive patterns that symbolise membership to an exclusive club. 

From Clark Gable's riding breeches to the 160 suits made for Gregory Peck over 50 years, we reveal Huntsman's enduring connection to cinema's golden age. The tailoring house also gained modern pop culture fame when its Savile Row premises were prominently featured in the 2014 spy film Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Join us as we walk through the bespoke process perfected over generations, where coats require over 60 hours of hand-stitching by their team of Row-trained tailors. The fascinating story of how a traditional Savile Row tailor evolved into an internationally-renowned arbiter of sartorial excellence and silver screen icon.

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