A Gentleman's London, Episode Five: Swaine

Episode five of "A Gentleman's London" explores Swaine's legacy of craftsmanship and British heritage since 1750, from silk-covered umbrellas to symbolic military headwear.

A Gentleman's London, Episode Five:  Swaine

In the fifth episode of A Gentleman's London, Tom Chamberlin shines a spotlight on Swaine — a heritage brand deeply rooted in British tradition since its establishment in 1750. This Mayfair institution has garnered a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship over its 270-year history.

Swaine prides itself on using the finest natural materials like English cattle leather, meticulously shaped through age-old techniques such as the bridle leather silage process. This ensures their luxurious leather goods, stylish accessories, world-renowned umbrellas, and exquisitely crafted military headwear acquire a distinguished patina over time. With an illustrious legacy serving royalty, politicians, and luminaries from the entertainment world, Swaine has become synonymous with British elegance and impeccable service standards.

Join us in unveiling the timeless appeal of Swaine's offerings, from their signature silk-covered Brigg umbrellas to the military headwear — each detail steeped in symbolism and tradition.

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