A Gentleman’s London, Episode Thirteen: The Armoury of St James’s

For the thirteenth episode, Tom Chamberlin explores The Armoury, a British treasure trove specialising in rare ceremonial insignia, military antiques and royal presentation pieces dating from 1800 to 1950.

A Gentleman’s London, Episode Thirteen: The Armoury of St James’s

In this episode, Tom Chamberlin visits a remarkable establishment that transports visitors back to Britain's most glorious military and royal epochs. In the heart of London's St. James's district, tucked in Piccadilly Arcade, lies The Armoury — a veritable museum of the nation's martial and monarchical past.

For over three decades, the renowned shop has been the premier destination for collectors seeking rare ceremonial treasures, insignia, and objets d'art from 1800 to 1950. The Armoury specialises in unusual royal presentation pieces, including the insignia of orders of chivalry from across the globe. Diamond-encrusted regimental brooches, naval and military silver, intricately-crafted bronzes, and historic porcelain figures line the shelves. The extraordinary collection also encompasses meticulously-researched artifacts connected to legendary figures like Nelson, Wellington and Churchill and traditional toy soldier ranges depicting historic campaigns like the Third Crusade and English Civil War.

The Armoury is helmed by a highly experienced team including James Rawlins, an antiques veteran who has provided invaluable research to London's preeminent auction houses. Join Tom Chamberlin as he meets the erudite staff and uncovers the fascinating stories behind pieces that vividly bring Britain's illustrious martial and monarchical heritage to life.

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