Purdey Marks 210 Years with Limited Edition 28 Bore Shotgun Offering

Purdey celebrates with ten exclusive trigger plates featuring custom engravings and premium accessories, honouring the brand's storied gun-making heritage.

Purdey Marks 210 Years with Limited Edition 28 Bore Shotgun Offering

2024 sees British gunmaker Purdey reaching an impressive milestone — 210 years since its founding by James Purdey in 1814. To fittingly commemorate over two centuries of gunmaking excellence, the company is releasing a strictly limited run of 10 bespoke 28 bore shotguns that showcase the best of Purdey's craft.

At the heart of this anniversary collection is the iconic Purdey Trigger Plate design, a modern classic that seamlessly weds traditional expertise with pioneering innovation. The detachable trigger assembly allows for unparalleled ease of maintenance and in-field versatility through quick trigger changes.

Each of the ten shotguns starts with a premium exhibition-grade stock, fitted with a full pistol grip and solid game rib —  all built precisely to the owner's measurements. The steel actions are hand-engraved with Purdey's signature large scroll design, complemented by an owner's choice of bird adorning the base. Encircling the grip cap are engravings of "1814" and "2024" — an enduring bridge linking Purdey's storied beginnings to this bicentennial celebration.

"Details are understated and subtle, which is as it should be," notes Andrew Ambrose, Purdey's Director of Gun Sales. He anticipates the 28-bore gauge will hold special appeal for those pursuing smaller games like quail, particularly in the American market. But the exclusivity extends well beyond just the shotgun itself. Owners will also receive a burgundy bridle leather cartridge bag and gun slip, both made in England and emblazoned with the buyer's initials. A leather-bound cleaning kit accompanies each package, housed in a lightweight case with the classic Purdey maker's mark.

Completing this limited collection is a bespoke Purdey hunting knife, perfectly balanced and hand-crafted in England. The blade is forged from exceptionally resilient and visually striking Damascus steel, while the handle is fashioned from premium walnuts with exquisite grain.

With production strictly capped at just ten pieces for this Purdey 210th Anniversary 28 Bore shotgun set, this represents a truly rarified opportunity for shotgun collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. A limited salute to over two centuries of British gunmaking heritage.